Visits to Bulgaria, with a tour operator BALKAN TOURISM
       Travel company BALKAN TOURISM - Incoming tour operator - licens  Republic of  Bulgaria - Europe 
DMC (Destination Management Company), for Cultural Tourism
             Interesting Facts About  Bulgaria
- " Empire Bulgaria  - The Oldest Country in Europe "- Professor Norman Davies - University of Oxford
- 70% of world's The  Rose Oil  Comes from Bulgarian Roses.
The  Bulgarian Yogurt , Lactobacillus Bulgaricus, cultivates The richest and healthiest yoghurt Worldwide, and Can only BE, Grown in Bulgaria .
- Oldest Home and  Vessels for cooking - of 8,000 years.
- Oldest  gold treasure - of 7,000 years.
The Relics of St. John The Baptist.   / The Original /
Oldest cathedral / church  in The world, restored and Open for visitors - built in 313 AC.
- Thracian Royal Tomb - With Highest Grade for art and Historical Value in  UNESCO.
Phenomenon  - Stone forest, The Desert only in Europe.
Madara Horseman  rock relief, dated to About 710 AD and has been on the UNESCO World Heritage List.
- Complex "Great Basilica" -  The Largest basilica in Europe  - built 875 AC. / Ruins /
- Forest by summer oak - 500 Years Old,  Unique  in The world.
- Bulgaria is The 3rd Largest Exporter of  Herbs  in The world.
- Music from " The Mystery of Bulgarian Voices "WAS Included in a Time Capsule Placed in The Voyager 2 Space shuttle  -  Click here
- John Atanasov, an American of Bulgarian descent, is credited with inventing The  Modern Computer .
Winston Churchill's  Favourite wine WAS The Rich Red wine from Melnik.
Our culinary is Full of good surprises and everyone Should TRY it .
                  Explore Bulgariaclick here
The first Bulgarian coin
minted by the creator of  Bulgaria - Khan Asparouh.
Unique golden treasure, Bulgaria.
Dated about 6000 years, weighs 1800 grams, over 260 number items.
/dug archaeologists 2012/
Tour operator BALKAN TOURISM is specialized in cultural tourism and tours of Bulgaria.
We accept orders, for personalized tours at your request!
Here on the web site you can see examples of our programs.
      We at Cultural Tours - BALKAN TOURISM , we relate personal with every traveller.  We will grab the attention of tourists with entertainment, raffles and games during the trip on the bus and all the passengers become enthusiastic to learn and fun.
      Personal service is embedded in all our products. From the design stage of our programs, next to your return home, will be looked after by one of our experienced consultants, for your holiday in Bulgaria.
      Perfecting the art of travel is our goal. We believe in our business, and work earnestly to make your travel dream.
 We do our work in looking after our clients and find great pleasure in having satisfied customers in Bulgaria.

      Dream in
Bulgaria with a majestic history of thousands of years, a rich culture that will never be lost, spectacular sights that will remain in your thoughts forever and warm and friendly people who are waiting to welcome you and share their world with you. 
     For us it will be an honor to make your dreams in a reality.
Join us and discover what we have some of the world's most beautiful and fascinating destinations!

Travel video clips - Cultural tourism in Bulgaria

The mask King Sevt III, which weighs 690 grams,
is the only portrait in the world. Found in 2004.

Thracian King Sevt III (Terres) 
and lived in the 5th century BC
"Thracian peoples are greatest, from all nations after Indian."
an ancient Greek historian
lived in the 5th century BC
Phenomenon Stone forest

It is only desert in Europe

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