Visits to Bulgaria, with a tour operator BALKAN TOURISM

Luxury 10 day Tour

Hotels 4 stars  -  click here


Luxury 10 day Tour, everything in price.

(min 15 people, maximum 26)

The program is suited for adults over 18 years but it is possibly children over 15 years at the same price.

Drinks to adults are replaced by without alcohol juices and ice cream.

Day 1

Meeting at the airport.

Bus transfer.

Accommodation in a 4 star hotel in Sofia.

Visit the church "St. Sofia" - the oldest active church in the world / built 313 years /

Walk in Sofia opportunity to visit the museum.

Dinner with tasting Shoppe salad and brandy.

Overnight in Sofia.

Day 2


Visit the National History Museum of Bulgaria.

Visit the Boyana Church, included in the World Heritage List of UNESCO.

Lunch at restaurant.

Walk to visit the cathedral "Alexander Nevski" cathedral in Sofia and other important monuments.


Overnight in Sofia.

Day 3


Visit the Rila Monastery.

Lunch in a restaurant near the monastery with tasting bean soup.

(Rila Monastery is the most impressive Christian monastery in Bulgaria,

included in the UNESCO list of World Cultural Heritage)


Overnight in Sofia.

Day 4



Visit Arbanassi. (Architectural reserve)

Lunch in a restaurant with roast lamb.

Accommodation in a 4 star hotel in Veliko Tarnovo.

Visit the great hill "Tsarevets". ("Tsarevets" - a "secondly Constantinople, Third Rome")

Visit the "Sarafkin house."

("Sarafkin house" is a 5-storey wooden house with urban life from the 18th century)

Watch an audio-visual show on the hill "Tsarevets" - "Sound and Light".

("Sound and Light" is the only show of its kind in Europe)

Dinner with wine tasting and a Gornooryahovski sudjuk.

Overnight in Veliko Tarnovo.

Day 5


Visit the "Trakiiski royal tomb" from the 3rd century BC in Sveshtari and museum exhibits in Razgrad.

(A UNESCO World Heritage Site - the highest score for its historical and artistic value.)

Lunch tasting yoghurt and baklava.

Accommodation in 3 + star hotel in Shumen.

Visit Tombul mosque tasting delight, "Tombul Mosque" is the largest mosque in Bulgaria.

Participation in cooking and tasting homemade pie with yellow lemonade recipe from the 18th century

Dinner with folklore, wine tasting.

Overnight in Shumen.

Day 6

Breakfast with tasting yogurt.

Visit the National Historical and archaeological reserve "Madara".

("Madara Rider" - the most important rock relief of global importance in Europe,

listed as a UNESCO World Heritage)

Visit the Stone Forest Reserve.

"Stone Forest" - a unique natural phenomenon to stone columns formed,

some 50 million d, it is the only desert in Europe.


Visit the Archaeological Museum in Varna.

The oldest gold treasure in the world - 7000 years.

Dinner tasting of Bulgarian beer and kebapche.

Overnight in Shumen.

Day 7

Breakfast with tasting white cheese.


Visit the Ethnographic Museum of Craft "Ether" in the town of Gabrovo.

Lunch and tasting bun and local Etura sweet.

Visit the church with golden domes that shine afar - "Christmas" monument.

Accommodation in 3+ star hotel in Kazanlak.

Visit the Thracian Tomb of Kazanlak, included in the World Heritage List of UNESCO.

Visit the Museum of Bulgarian rose, Bulgarian rose oil in Kazanlak.

(Tasting sweet and liqueur with Rose oil)

Tour featuring shops with goods made with Rose oil.


Overnight in Kazanlak

Day 8



Visit the Museum Neolithic Dwellings / 8000 years / in the city of Stara Zagora - contains findings that are of great importance for the history of mankind.


Accommodation in a 4 star hotel in Plovdiv.

Visit the Ancient Roman mosaics Philipopolis, the oldest city in Europe / now Plovdiv /


Overnight in Plovdiv.

Day 9


Visit the Old Town Reserve.

Visit the Roman Amphitheatre.

Visit the Roman Stadium.


Departure for Sofia.

Accommodation in a 4 star hotel in Sofia.



Day 10




Departure. Transfer to the airport.

Price for 1 tourist in a double room - EU€ 1482.00(nett)

- extra charge to in single room - EU€ 280.00 (nett)

The price includes /everything written below/ :

-9 Nights.

-9 Snacks.

-9 Lunch.

-9 Dinners.

-Meeting and sending the airport.

-Transfer to the airport.

-Transportation by tourist bus (air) during the entire program.

-Guide during the trip (24 hours available to tourists).

-Insurance - "Life".

-1 Folklore programs.

-1 Tasting brandy.

-2 Wine tasting in the evenings.

-1 Bulgarian beer tasting.

-2 Tasting yogurt.

-Walk / stroll in Sofia and Arbanassi.

-Tasting:Shopp salad, bean soup, Gornooryahovski sudjuk, baklava, Turkish delight, cooking homemade pie, yellow lemonade recipe from the 18th century, kebapche, white cheese, bun, Etura sweet, sweet, lokyor rose oil.

-Visit:Church "St. Sofia", National History Museum of Bulgaria, Boyana Church, the cathedral "Alexander Nevski", Rila Monastery, Arbanassi, great hill Tsarevets, Sarafkin house, Watching audio-visual show on the hill "Tsarevets" - "Sound and Light", Trakiiski royal tomb Sveshtari, Museum Razgrad, Tombul mosque, reserve "Madara", Stone Forest Reserve, Varna Archaeological Museum, the Ethnographic Museum of Craft "Ether", church with golden domes "Christmas", Kazanlak Thracian tomb, museum of Bulgarian rose, Bulgarian rose oil, Neolithic dwellings of ancient, Roman mosaics Philipopol, reserve Old Plovdiv, Roman Amphitheatre, Roman Stadium.

-Discoursesin all museums.

Not included

1. Airfare.

2. Something else not mentioned in the program.

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