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Madara Rider - Symbol of Bulgaria.
Historical and Archaeological Preservation, most important rock relief of world importance in Europe.
Included in UNESCO's World Heritage List.
"Madara Rider", representing the figure of a knight, triumphing over a lion, 
is carved, into 100 meters high cliff near the village of Madara in Bulgaria. 
Madara was the principal sacred place of the Bulgarian Empire, 
before Bulgaria’s conversion to Christianity in the 9th century.
The inscriptions beside the sculpture tell of events that occurred before the 9th century.

Museum Of Bulgarian Rose and Rose Oil.
70% of the world's rose oil comes from Bulgarian roses.
Bulgarian yogurt 
These are popular lacto bacterias to make yogurt I use at home. They are named in spanish "bacilos bulgaros" (bulgarian bacillus). I am not sure this bacteria is whose specific scientific named is "Lactobacillus_bulgaricus". Photo was taken with a digital conventional camera with simple "close-up", any other amplification was used.
Neolithic dwellings
They are in species in which burned 8000 years ago.
In a special protective building "in sito" exposed two Neolithic dwellings from VI millennium BC. - The best preserved and most extensive inventory of that era in Europe.
A unique exhibit at the museum gold bracelet (V millennium BC)
In all the housing stock is preserved and existing facilities.
Thus, the visitor has a unique opportunity for direct contact with the life and culture.
Found in Neolithic dwellings court of 8000 years.
Archaeological Museum - Varna.
The oldest gold treasure in the world - 7000 years.
Panagyurishte treasure Thracian treasure, of 2,400 years.
Treasure is a very beautiful golden service with many decorations and ornaments. It was used or feasts or religious sacraments and rituals related to Thracian mythology. It consists of nine vessels made ​​of pure gold, which weighs 6000 grams.
Thracian King Sevt III (Terres) and lived in the 5th century BC
The mask King Sevt III, of 2,400 years, which weighs 690 grams,
is the only portrait in the world. Found in 2004.

The Thracian tomb "Golyama Kosmatka" 
Bronze head of a Thracian King Sevt III (Terres) - 2,400 years

Thracian Royal Tomb of village Sveshtari - 2400 years
Included in UNESCO's World Heritage List.
With highest grade for historical and art value.
Thracian treasure of 6000 years, which weighs 1800 grams, to village Sveshtari. /dug archaeologists 2012/
They include: tiara, 5 gold bracelets, applications trappings, multiple,  head of the goddess beads, over 260 number items.
Golden statue of Pegasus as a gift is left in the tomb in the nearby village Sveshtari.
In ancient Abritus is discovered and the largest located until late antique treasure, numbering 853 gold coins.
The relics of St. John the Baptist / the original /
Oldest church in the world, today acting - built 313 year. / the original /
“Тombul mosque”
 The biggest mosque in Bulgaria.
Complex “Founders of the Bulgarian State”
Build for 1300 anniversary of founding of Bulgarian State and it is unique monument in world.
/as Statue of Jesus Christ in Rio de Janeiro/
Nature reserve “Pobiti kamani”.
“Pobiti kamani” is unique phenomenon of nature, the sole desert in Europe.
Ethnographical museum of crafts “ETAR”.
Architectural ethnographic complex "Etar" is the only in Bulgaria.
ETAR - An amazing piece of BULGARIA.

The Ancient Theatre.
In the Ancient Plovdiv.
Rome Staduim.
In the Ancient Plovdiv.
Rila Monastery.

Rila Monastery is the most impressive monument from, the Bulgaria National Revival period.
Included in UNESCO's World Heritage List.

Thracian Tomb of Kazanlak.
Included in UNESCO's World Heritage List.
City Pliska - first the Bulgarian capital.
Complex "Big Basilica".
The largest basilica in Europe. Finished in 875 year.
The medieval center of Bulgaria culture and literature.
National Archaeological Museum “Pliska”.
City Veliki Preslav - second the Bulgarian capital.
Veliki Preslav was created systematically has had two rings of healthy and high walls separating the outer from the inner city. First one city built in Europe with two concentric walls.
The outer thick and 3 m., internal (citadel) - 3 m.
Emperor / Bulgarian - King / Simeon the Great, one of the most enlightened European rulers, an exceptional statesman, warrior and scholar (graduate of Magnaur School in Constantinople) in Veliki Preslav became the second city of splendor in Southeast Europe /after the capital of Byzantium/, with over 100 000 inhabitants. 
For comparison - in the tenth century London had only fifteen thousand inhabitants, city Madrid was a village, Paris, Berlin and Moscow not exists.
City Veliko Tarnovo - third the Bulgarian capital.
Tsarevets Fortress.
Tsarevets Fortress.
Available audio-visual show "Sound and Light" - unique in Europe.
Samovodska charshia - City Veliko Tarnovo
City Sofia - fourth the Bulgarian capital.

Capital of Bulgaria by 1879.

The National Museum of History - Sofia, Bulgaria
Boyana Church

Included in UNESCO's World Heritage List

Church "Nativity" in Arbanassi is a medieval replica 
of the old church "Nativity", built by the first Christians in Bethlehem.
The temple was built by the late 16th century
One of the greatest masterpieces in the mural paintings of the time is the "Circle of Life", 
which according to scientists who study the church was painted by an unknown artist 
in 1649 This dating shows that the image may have been the oldest to time.
Candidate for UNESCO, 2013.
Village Arbanassi
“Arbanasi” is world-famous architectural preserve
Included in World Heritage list
City Veliko Tarnovo.
Sarafkina House.
On 5 floors wooden house, representing way of living in Bulgarian town in 18 century.
City Gabrovo.
House of Humour and Satire - To laugh heartily.
The House of Humour and Satire is unique in the world museum of humour and satire.
Cave "Bacho Kiro"
Best - cave in Bulgaria.
Museum Of The Horse
Observation of elite breeds of horses, pigs, sheeps, cows and water buffalos in State Breeding Complex “Kabiuk”.
Puppet Museum.
All puppets in this Museum, were on stage and have prestige awards.
Ancient City Of Nessebar - more than 3000 years old
Included in UNESCO World Heritage List.
Thracian royal  complex -  5th century BC.
Temple - mausoleum - parliament - winery in Chetinyova mound village of Starosel.
The town of Koprivshtica.
Historic reserve;  one of the finest museum-towns in Bulgaria.
Temple monument Nativity.
Church is covered with gold.
Ancient town of Plovdiv.
Plovdiv is one of the oldest centers of European civilization - older than Rome and Athens and a contemporary of Troy and Mycenae.
The village of Jeravna.
Architectural - ethnographic village.
Architectural - ethnographic complex.
The Town of Zlatograd - the houses have round chimneys.
The Basarbovo Rock Monastery.
The only rock monastery on the territory of Bulgaria that is still acting.
The Rock Hewn Churches of village Ivanovo.
Beautiful and well - preserved frescoes.
Included in UNESCO World Heritage List.
The town of Hissarja.
The town of the Mineral water springs.
The Hissarja Fortress - the most preserved fortress from the late Antiquity in Europe.
The town of Tryavna.
Famous with its masters of icon, painters and wood - carvers.
The Batchkovo Monastery.
The second largest Bulgarian Monastery.
Surrounded by beautiful nature.
The town of Melnik - the most - small town. / 230 inhabitants /
The Melnik Pyramids - wondrous natural formations.
The town is located among the amazing sand pyramids ( mels - white clay ) – one of the most interesting natural phenomenon not only in Bulgaria.
The Kordopulov House, good wine.
The Kordopulov house – one of the most monumental houses from the period of the National Revival at the Balkan peninsula. There are unique wall - painting and Venice ceilings and a huge cellar in it.
The sacred place Rupite.
Surrounded by Volcanic Rocks.
Mountainous protected area.
At this location  where the Bulgarian prophet Baba Vanga lived and buried.
The Kaliakra cape.
2 km. - long peninsula with 70 - metre - high reddish rocks and a fortress.
The Troyan Monastery.
The monastery shows old miraculous icon.
The village of Cherni osam - The Natural Science Museum.
Collection of animals, insects and the different 120 species of birds.
The town of Pleven - The Panorama.
One of the few panoramas in the world which are depicted on the canvas of the panorama.
Aladzha Monastery.
Famous rock Monastery with many - coloured and beautiful wall-paintings.
Forest by, summer oak of 500 years, unique in the world.
The town of Velingrad - SPA capital of the Balkans.
Famous mostly for the healing power of the number of mineral springs.

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