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Tour The Most Attractive Monasteries in Bulgaria.

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Shrine of the Nativity
day 1 
Meeting at the airport.
Accommodation in hotel 3* in Sofia. 
Ramble in Sofia. 
Visit to Boyana Church in Sofia. (included in UNESCO's World Heritage List)
Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, Orthodox church, the largest cathedral in Bulgaria.
day 2 (185 km.)
Breakfast. Departure from Sofia.
Accommodation in hotel 3* in town of Melnik.
12:30 – Lunch in Melnik. Visit to “Rojen monastery” - “Nativity of the Virgin”
Ramble in Melnik. (The town of Melnik is the smallest town in Bulgaria) 
18:30 - Dinner.
day 3 (130 km.) 
Breakfast. Departure from Melnik. 
Accommodation in hotel 3* near Rila Monastery 
Visit to “Rila Monastery“ - 10 century. 
12:30 – Lunch in restourant near the monastery. 
(Rila Monastery is the most impressive monument from the Bulgarian National Revival period, included in UNESCO's World Heritage List) 
18:30 - Dinner.

The oldest Bulgarian miraculous icon of Virgin Mary-Odigitria Osenovitsa in Rila Monastery.

day 4 (295 km.) 
Breakfast. Departure from Rila monastery. 
12:30 - Lunch in town of Pravetz. 
Accommodation in hotel 3* near “Troian monastery”. 
18:30 - Dinner.

day 5 (80 km.) 

Breakfast. Visit to “Troian monastery” “
Assumption of the Holy Mother” - 17 century. 
(In this church treasures the miracle icon “Holy Mother Three Hands”) 
12:30 - Lunch Departure from "Troian monastery". 

Miraculous icon of Three Hands Virgin of Troyan Monastery.

Accommodation in hotel 3* in Gabrovo. 
Visit to “Sokolski monastery” - “Holy Mother”. 
(In the monastery has is beautiful fountain built by craftsman Kolu Fitcheto) 
18:30 - Dinner.

Sokolski monastery

day 6 (80 km.) 
Breakfast. Departure from Gabrovo.
Visit to “Dryanovo monastery” - “St. Archangel Michael” - 12 century
12:30 - Lunch in village of Arbanassi.
(village Arbanassi is world-famous architectural preserve)
Visit to “Birth of Christ” church in Arbanassi 
(Here the visitor may attend performance of the ecclesiastical chorus)
Visit to “Assumption of the Holy Mother” - 1600 - Arbanassi.
Accommodation in hotel 3* in Veliko Tarnovo
18:30 – Dinner.

 Miraculous icon Crying Three Hands
day 7 (60 km.) 
Visit to “Birth of The Blessed Virgin” monastery - 1348 - town of Kilifarevo. 
Visit to “St. Nicola” monastery - 1272 - village of Kapinovo 
12:30 – Lunch Visit to “Holy transfiguration of God” monastery - 1360 - Veliko Tarnovo. 
18:30 – Dinner

“St. Nicola” monastery - 1272 - village of Kapinovo 

Miraculous icon of St. Mary Monastery in Bachkovo.

day 8 (250 km.) 
Departure from Veliko Tarnovo. 
Trnasfer and dispatch to Sofia airport.
After booking the number of people, we send price.

Price includes:

  • 7 overnight accommodations in hotels 3*, 7 breakfasts, 7 lunches and 7 dinners
  • Transportation with luxury coach with air-conditioner.
  • Guide during the trip(24 hours/day).
  • Life insurance.
  • Visits to Boyana Church in Sofia, “Rojen monastery” - “Nativity of the Virgin”, “Rila Monastery“, “Troian monastery”, “Sokolski monastery”, “Dryanovo monastery”, “Birth of Christ” church in Arbanassi, “Assumption of the Holy Mother” - Arbanassi, “Birth of The Blessed Virgin” monastery - town of Kilifarevo, “St. Nicola” monastery - village of Kapinovo, “Holy transfiguration of God” monastery - Veliko Tarnovo.
  • Talks in every museum.
  • Transfers during the tour and to Sofia airport.

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