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Program for students and teachers to celebrate the Day of Education
   In Bulgaria it is celebrated on 24 May and is known as the "Bulgarian Education and Culture, and Slavonic Literature Day", a national holiday celebrating Bulgarian culture and literature as well as the alphabet. It is also known as "Alphabet, Culture, and Education Day". 
   SS Cyril and Methodius are patrons of the National Library of Bulgaria. A monument of them is present in front of the library. SS Cyril and Methodius are the most celebrated saints in the Bulgarian Orthodox church, and icons of two brothers can be found in every church.

2016 year

May 23

Meeting with the bread with honey and salt colorful "welcome" in Bulgaria.

Accommodation at the hotel.

Visit the National historical archeological preserve a museum "Veliki Preslav".

Capital of the Bulgarian state from 893 to 972, the.

Building of the temple-monument "St. Cyril and Methodius" in the town of Veliki Preslav associated with the 1000 anniversary of,the reign of Emperor / Bulgarian - King / Simeon the Great and in honor of the brothers Cyril and Methodius. The creators of the our the alphabet.


Visit the Historical Museum of Shumen.

Stores over 150 000 units in eight museum halls. Exposure has a rich collection of icons, coins, stamps and Metal. Thracian tomb from the 4th century BC


-Tasting pie made in traditional Bulgarian recipe.

Overnight at hotel in Shumen.

May 24


Manifestation /You will participate/

Day of Bulgarian Education and Culture, and Slavonic Literature.

The celebration in honor of the work of Saints Cyril and Methodius, the creators of the Slavic alphabet.

Day of Bulgarian Education and Culture, and Slavonic Literature.

On May 11, 1856 is displayed first manifestation. In 1857, the day of Saints Cyril and Methodius was honored in the Bulgarian church "St. Stephen" in Constantinople.

Public holiday was declared on May 24 1957.

Visit the Museum "Pancho Vladigerov" - composer, musician, conductor, pedagogue and public figure.


-Tasting delight and lemonade recipe made in the 18th century.


Andreykovoto school.


National Cultural Center "Good Voinikov."

Clock Tower.

Tombul mosque.

Visit the architectural complex "Founders of the Bulgarian state."
Build for 1300 anniversary of founding of Bulgarian State and it is unique monument in world. /after the Statue of Jesus Christ in Rio de Janeiro/


Overnight at hotel in Shumen.

May 25


Visits to historical and archaeological reserve "Madara Horseman" - a symbol of Bulgaria.

"Madara Horseman" is the most important rock relief of global importance in Europe.

Included in the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Visit the National historical archaeological preserve "Pliska".

Capital of the Bulgarian State 681. to 893

PARK - MUSEUM " Vladislav Varnenchik "

The mausoleum is dedicated to the battle of Varna 10.HI.1444, built in the center of the former battlefield,

the glorious campaigns of King Vladislav III Jagiello and Janos Hunyadi in 1443-1444

Beach and swimming in the Black Sea.
Consideration of natural phenomenon "Fossil Forest" - the only desert in Europe.


Overnight at hotel in Shumen.

                                                                            May 26


Visit the town of Veliko Tarnovo - walk from

Samovodska bazaar to Tsarevets Fortress and visit Church "St. 40 Martyrs".

Lunch in a package of Shipka.

Visit the golden church Temple monument "Nativity" Shipka.

Given the purpose of the temple - a monument to the heroes of epic Shipka,

below the main level of the church was built crypt. The temple is gold plated.

Visit the Museum of the Rose in Kazanlak.

Accommodation in Sofia.


Visit the National Library of Cyril and Methodius in Sofia.

May 27


Visit of the Rila Monastery.


Visit the center of Sofia and a walk.


Overnight at hotel in Sofia.

May 28


Dispatch of group

Price for a student: € 633

The price for a group of 45 students + 4 Heads and include:

- Transport with bus and guide

- Meet with bread and salt

- 5 Nights

- 5 Snacks

- 4 Lunch

- 5 Dinner

- Tasting delight

- Tasting pie made in traditional Bulgarian recipe

- Tasting of lemonade

- 10 input taxi for museums

- Insurance "Life"

- 4 Heads / executives


Palace " Veliki Preslav "  /3D/

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